‪The Beijing Contemporary Art Expo kicked off on Thursday at the National Agricultural Exhibition Center in Beijing. The expo, which comes to an end on Saturday, is showcasing artworks from 40 galleries and organizations. 

It is the second edition of the expo following 2018’s event. This year, the expo is divided into five sections: Story, Value, Future, Energy and Wonder, according to Bao Dong, art director of the Beijing Contemporary gallery, the organizer of the expo. 

“A country’s development does not just rely on industry, but also the humanities; not only on technology, but also the arts,�?said Bao at the expo’s opening ceremony.    

With 22 galleries returning from last year and 10 new galleries joining this year, the expo aims to acknowledge the achievements of Chinese contemporary art and promote its international reputation. 

In the Story section is a group exhibition for artists born after 1985. A total of 35 artists were selected to exhibit their works in this section to present a new look of the younger generation of Chinese artists.     

Works by members from New Pants, a Chinese pop-punk band, are also on display at the expo. The band was founded in 1996 but saw a major comeback due to a music show launched this May on China’s streaming giant iQiyi. Paintings by the band’s vocalist Peng Lei and keyboardist Pang Kuan showed a different side of their artistic talents. 


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